What to Expect

Laurel Preparatory Academy operates very differently from most traditional public schools. Read below to learn what to expect from your experience at Laurel Prep, or check out “About Laurel Prep” to learn more about our program details and philosophy.

Building a Plan

The first step you take as a student at Laurel Prep is to participate in a credit audit. Your Laurel Prep counselor will look at the academic credits you have coming into our school and compare them to the requirements of your goal credits, no matter what path you decide. For example, if you choose to attend a four-year university, your counselor will compare your existing credits to the graduation requirements as well as university entrance requirements, and help you build a schedule for courses that will enable you to meet your goals for graduation and university.  Your counselor will talk to you about your goals, learning style, test scores, and current interests to help you build a schedule that’s right for you. This schedule of coursework and strategy for success is called a Pathways Personalized Education Plan (PPEP).


After you have set up your PPEP with a counselor, you work one-on-one with your teacher at your Resource Center and online to succeed in your studies. Your teacher will talk with you and your parents about your progress and development in your academic studies to make sure that your PPEP is updated and accurate to match any changing goals, career interests, or academic achievements.

Online learning, also known as virtual or blended learning, is a form of distance education that uses the Internet and computer technologies to connect teachers and students, as well as deliver curriculum. You may also communicate online with your classmates, students in other schools around the world, and experts to whom you might otherwise not have access. Our blended learning is a combination of digital and face-to-face learning. You will still interact and learn with your teacher on a regular basis.

Typical online courses may include simulations and virtual lab activities, collaboration with other students on a group project, multimedia demonstrations of real-world examples, and live sessions in which the teacher uses screen-sharing technology to facilitate interaction among students. Courses often include some print or otherwise offline materials; the proportion of instruction that takes place online is lower for younger students and higher for older students. Communication between the teacher and a parent or guardian is also an important component of instruction.

Assessments will be given both digitally and traditionally – in person with pencil and paper. Students need to use a computer with the minimum equivalent of a Pentium II processor with Windows 95 or higher operating system, or a Macintosh G3 processor with System 8 or higher operating system. The computer should also have at least 32 MB RAM and a 56K baud modem. You will also need an Internet connection to the World Wide Web, Mozilla Firefox (2.0 or higher) or Google Chrome as your Web browser, and a word processing application that has the capability to save files in the Microsoft Word or RTF file format.

Because Laurel Prep is a public charter school with online learning, curricula must meet state academic standards; teachers must be licensed according to state requirements and specially trained in online learning; and students must take all assessments required by federal and state laws.

 Resource Center Environment

When you are in the Resource Center, there will be other students in the room with you as well. Any student can take any course, and our Resource Centers are designed for quiet, focused study. This means that you won’t be in a room full of students asking questions you already know the answers to, competing for your teacher’s attention, or distracting you from the challenges of schoolwork. Your teacher will be available to work one-on-one with you during this time to answer questions about your studies or introduce new material, and your teacher is always available by email for the days you aren’t in the Resource Center. Often, teachers will work to bring together multiple students taking the same course or in the same field of study. Teachers provide field trips and tutoring sessions allowing you to experience unique and personalized learning opportunities.

Laurel Prep teachers design activities and lessons that can be modified for each type of learner – GATE, on-level, and struggling learners. No matter which you are, your teacher is ready to help you do your best. Because of the online component, Laurel Prep teachers are able to differentiate for students in large groups, small groups, and individually.

If you have any questions or concerns about what to expect when you enroll, contact us at (858) 678-4812.