Special Education

Our Program

Laurel Preparatory Academy, like all Altus schools, is based on a university model of independent study that includes online and tutoring session options for academic support (Please see our “About Laurel Prep” page to learn more about our educational model.) Within this model, we offer various educational pathways for our students with special needs. Our Resource Specialists and Education Specialists collaborate with general education teachers, contracted service providers, and parents to create an individualized plan for each student to meet their post-secondary goals. We encourage our parents and students to meet with the educational team frequently to communicate changing educational goals and interests.

Our Department

Altus Schools are dedicated to identifying, locating and assessing all students within the respective LEA (Local Education Agency) who may have disabilities and providing appropriate support and/or related services to those students as determined by an educational evaluation.

Altus Schools are committed to providing eligible students with disabilities a free and appropriate public education consistent with federal and state laws. Altus schools provide high quality services and supports based on the individual needs of each student. Students who receive Specialized Academic Instruction and Related Services at Altus schools are supported in their educational goals, graduation goals, and post- secondary goals through a personalized plan based on individual student achievement data, interests, learning style, personality profile, and other relevant history and input from IEP team members.

Altus schools are proud members of the El Dorado Charter SELPA (Special Education Local Planning Area). The El Dorado County Charter SELPA empowers Charter schools to succeed, by providing expertise, innovation, and individualized solutions. As a member of the El Dorado Charter SELPA, we are provided with governance, program support, and parent support. Please visit the El Dorado Charter SELPA website for more information and parent resources.

Our Department Head: Stephanie Starr, Special Instructional Services Coordinator

Attended Ohio University: BS in Education, Credential in Social Sciences Grades 6-12 (2002).

Attended National University: Credential in Special Education – Mild/Moderate (2007).

Teacher of the Year at Audeo Charter School: 2005 and 2006.

Positions held: General Education Teacher, Resource Specialist, Counselor, Learning Lead, School Site Coordinator, Special Instructional Services Coordinator (current).

Additional Training: CELDT Trainer, Brain Based Engagement, WASC Visiting Committee Member, Special Education Leadership Academy (SELPA).



Resources for Students and Families

CAC Parent Handbook – English(pdf)

CAC Parent Handbook – Spanish(pdf) Comité Consultivo de la Comunidad

Notice of Procedural Safeguards and Parents’ Rights – English (pdf)

Notice of Procedural Safeguards and Parents’ Rights – Spanish (pdf) Aviso de las Medidas que Protegen la Integridad de los Procesos y Derechos de los Padres

Statewide Parent Resources (pdf)


LEA Child Find Responsibility

Pursuant to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (20 U.S.C. §§ 1400 et. seq) and relevant state law, Laurel Preparatory Academy is responsible for identifying, locating, and evaluating children enrolled at Laurel Preparatory Academy with known or suspected disabilities to determine whether a need for special education and related services exists.  This includes children with disabilities who are homeless or are wards of the State. To ensure that eligible students are receiving the services to which they are entitled, we would like to request your assistance.

If you know of a child who has a disability or that you suspect may have a disability, you may refer that child’s parent or guardian to the Special Instructional Service Coordinator by contacting  Stephanie Starr at 858-678-4818 or

Please note: All referrals are considered confidential.  The parent, legal guardian, or surrogate parent retains the right to refuse services and other procedural safeguards under federal and state law.

De conformidad con la ley de Educación para personas con discapacidades (20 U.S.C. §§ 1400 et. seq)  y la ley estatal , Laurel Preparatory Academy es responsable de identificar, localizar y evaluar a los niños matriculados en Laurel Preparatory Academy con discapacidades conocidos o sospechosos para determinar si existe una necesidad de educación especial y servicios relacionados..  Esto incluye a los niños con discapacidades que no tienen hogar o está bajo la tutela del Estado. Para asegurar que los estudiantes elegibles reciban los servicios a los que tienen derecho, nos gustaría pedir su ayuda.

Si usted sabe de un niño que tiene una discapacidad o que se sospecha que puede tener una discapacidad, puede consultar el padre o tutor de ese niño a Special Instructional Service Coordinator by contacting  Stephanie Starr at 858-678-4818 or

Nota: Todas las referencias se consideran confidenciales. El padre, tutor legal o padre sustituto se reserve el derecho de rechazar los servicios y otras salvaguardias procesales bajo la ley federal y estatal.


For questions or more information, please contact us at (858) 678-4812.